Tires make all the difference for your vehicle. Your car will perform best on the road if it’s got the right tires. Using seasonal tires also makes all the difference in terms of safety for yourself and your passengers. ALBI le Géant has a huge inventory with a large selection of tires for every season, available year-round.

After a visit at ALBI Lincoln Joliette, you can drive away with peace of mind, simply because we know our products thoroughly, so we can help you make the right choice for your car! Working with you, we will determine the type of tires that best suits your vehicle, and we respect your expectations and your needs.

At ALBI Lincoln Joliette, you’ll find a whole range of tires at competitive prices.

We’re also pros at changing tires! Before you make your next new tire purchase, drop by to see us. Just make an appointment!

For affordable new tires or to change your seasonal tires drop in to see us at ALBI Lincoln Joliette.

We’re expecting you!